Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where to eat your heart out this week...

Paradise Pantry announces their Tuesday's "Grilled Cheese & Wine" times! Along with their regular menu, they will also be offering special, melty, grilled cheese sandwiches- made with different artisan cheeses every week, so stop on by.

The Cave is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary! As part of the celebration, they have brought back their original menu and pricing... here is what's being served this week:

Cumin Rubbed Lamb $9
Filet Mignon with Purple Potato Mash $9
Mussels in Sweet Vermouth Cream $6
Pan Fried Garlic Scallops $8
Seared Salmon Rocket Salad $6
Tarragon Chicken Scaloppini $7
Tempura Shrimp $8
Tenderloin of Park with Apple Chutney $7
Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese $6
Hummus Three Ways: Southwestern, Black Bean and Original $7

They are also offering $2 Dessert.... order their Gelato Duo and pay on $2! And...$2 Glasses of Wine.!!!! Nick has picked a favorite Red and a favorite White and they are available by the ounce or glass on the Enomatic Machine for $0.40 an ounce... that adds up to only $2 a glass.

Ojai Beverage Company is happy to announce the opening of their kitchen. They have been working hard with Chef Jerret Gilden to create an exciting new menu to compliment their selection of fine beer and wine. They will be serving from 11 A.M. until 9 P.M., Tuesday through Sunday. Check out their website for updates on the ever growing menu.


Chef Rachel Main said...

hmmm. all sounds delicious, but Tim at the Side Car already does grilled cheese & jazz on Tuesdays. Maybe Paradise ought to do Grilled Cheese Sundays. That would be great! Or grilled cheese Mondays....or Thursdays....

Ventura Food Happenings said...

I know, I could do grilled cheese any night of the week....and its hard to compete with Tim's grilled cheese. Last time I went, I got the grilled sandwich with sliced leg of lamb, goat cheese, and a syrah reduction. Yum!

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