Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yes, you can find Gator and Roo tacos in Oxnard...

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Luigi Ortega's in Oxnard. Its one of the first times I've sat in a restaurant, feeling almost speechless, concerned that I may never find the words to adequately describe it. But, I did, and you can check out my review here. But, these photos might do better to explain.

To start, even the exterior is a bit perplexing (notice that the sign just barely covers the old Rusty's Pizza sign)...foreshadowing of what's to come.

This is the front part of the restaurant...complete with a decadent dessert case, an overwhelming menu...

and a waterfall, a bridge, and Mickey Mouse.

This one is taken in the giant main room, where there are video games galore to keep the kids (and grownups) occupied while you chow on wings, beer, pizza, ostrich, burritos and gourmet pastas.

This is the surf themed room. I couldn't capture the Day of the Dead themed room (yes, colored skulls on the wall and coffin table) or the dark bank vault because private parties were going on.

The Philly cheese steak, topped decadently or scarily (depending on your belief system) with Cheez Whiz.

The Gator Taco.

The Turtle chili.

The Ortega Fries. Decadent, naughty and totally excessive. And, yes, I really enjoyed them.

Milk and bones dessert. Delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies shaped like dog bones, served with ice cream, in a dog dish. Hmmmm? The perfect ending to the most memorable meal I've had in a while.

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