Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're about to get fresh and easied

Foodies, get your shopping shoes on- soon there's going to be a new game in town. Its called Fresh and Easy.

The brain child of British company Tesco, Fresh and Easy wants to be your neighborhood market. Their stores, which are reportedly smaller than your traditional grocery store, aim to be affordable and convenient and yummy. As I perused their website, I saw a delicious-almost- homemade- looking apple pie (made without preservatives or added trans-fats) for $3.99. They also advertised a twelve-pack of Taurino Cerveza (aka twelve beers!) for $6.99 and three apples or two green peppers for 98 cents. Irresistible prices, especially if all these things are fresh and actually taste good. A review on the Los Angeles Times, praises it for its cool atmosphere, convenience, product selection, and prepared foods. They also describe it as a blend between Trader Joe's and Ralphs. For those of us living in the Ventura area, we will have many opportunities to judge for ourselves in the coming months:

First, a store will be opening at 1750 E. Channel Islands Boulevard in Oxnard. This store is far enough along that its officially posted on the company website and has started hiring.

Also, according to the Ventura County Star, the city of Ventura approved the development for "Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market in the 2200 block of East Thompson Boulevard, at Jordan Avenue." They reported that "Evergreen Development wants to build a 15,300-square-foot, single-story Fresh & Easy at the site. "

And finally, most exciting to me since I'll be able to walk there, is the Fresh and Easy that will be going in at a new development at Telegraph and Day Road (according to the Hagelis Group's website). Demolition on the site (old gas station, Mexican restaurant, nursery, and coffee shop) has already begun!

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