Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I simply can't resist....

Its been a while since I've sung my usual love song for Trader Joe's, but tonight I tasted something new, and felt a kick in the pants from my tastebuds to share it with the world: their Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches. I originally bought them for my husband, trying to appease his sweet tooth and love for chocolaty treats. I didn't really even remember they were in the freezer, and didn't even feel compelled to eat one (which is very uncharacteristic for me).

Then, tonight, he let something slip....a passing comment, veiled in a goofy smile, about how I'd better not eat any of the ice cream sandwiches. Hmmmm....this piqued my interest and curiousity, like even though his conscious mind didn't want to share them with me, his subliminal mind knew I just couldn't miss out.

When I opened the clear cellophane wrapper, I was first shocked at the size of the sandwich, then thrilled by the giant chocolate chips poking out of the doughy looking cookies, and then amazed by all the little chocolate chips pressed into the vanilla ice cream. The combo of the soft cookie, the smoothness of the ice cream and the crunch of the chocolate chips is just perfect. I must have muttered "wow!" a bunch of times as I tried to eat it slowly and savor every bit. And I kept glancing over to my husband while I ate, trying to express my gratitude with my eyes and my chewing smile , for I almost missed out on this ice cream treat.

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